Á la carte

We welcome you to enjoy a delicious meal and wish you bon apetit.

Our restaurant is open for dinner service

18:00 – 22:00 (weekdays)

18:00 – 22:30 (Friday and Saturday)

18:00 – 21:00 (Sunday)

Todays 3-course menu: NOK 545,-



Lemon, cocktail sauce, mignonette
NOK 39,-

Salt water crayfish
Leavened bread, estragon mayonnaise and lemon
NOK 235,-

Whole NOK 445,- / Half NOK 245,-

Whitefish caviar
Blini, sour cream, rød onions and lemon
NOK 235,-

Carpaccio of venison
Pickled mushrooms, elderflower, blackberry vinaigrette, peccorino and hazelnuts
NOK 215,-

Todays starter

Main courses


Moules aux frites
Aioli and fresh white bread

NOK 245,-

Creamed fish and crayfish soup
Crisp vegetables and fresh white bread

NOK 295,-

Fillet of monkfish
Serrano ham, parsnip purée, roasted beets, beurre blanc with caviar and dill potatoes
NOK 315,-

Surf & Turf
Deer and lobster, chanterelles, asparagus beans and choron sauce
NOK 365,-


Tenderloin of beef with onion cream, mushrooms, asparagus beans and béarnaise sauce

200 gr. NOK 325,- / 300 gr. NOK 405,-

Artichoke risotto
Mushrooms, apple, spinach and parmesan cheese
NOK 275,-

Todays main course
NOK 295,-



Chocolate and pumpkin seed Brownie
Sherbet and salted pumpkin seeds
NOK 125,-

Crème Brûlée
Poached pear and sherbet
NOK 125,-

Choice of cheese
Marmelade and crisp bread 
NOK 165,-

Todays dessert

NOK 135,-

For meny


Chicken with frenchj  fries


Spaghetti bolognese