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Frequently asked questions

Room-service? Parking? This section provides answers to our most frequently asked questions.
What is included in the room rates?
We include accommodation, breakfast, entrance to our fitness centre and the spa pool area on the ground floor.
Does Son Spa provide room-service?
Yes, we do in the restaurant opening hours.
What are your check-in and check-out times?
We guarantee check-in from 15:00 hrs all days. Latest check-out is 10:00 (weekdays), 11:00 (Saturdays) and 12:00 (Sundays).
Do you provide free wi-fi at Son Spa?
Yes, our wi-fi is open and free of charge.
Do you allow dogs at Son Spa?
Dogs are not allowed in any common areas, however, we have a limited number of rooms where we welcome dogs.
Are there any smoking rooms at Son Spa?
No, the whole hotel is non-smoking.
How do I get to Son Spa?
The easiest is to arrive by car. If you come by train from Oslo (to Sonsveien station), we recommend a pre-booked taxi for the last stretch to the hotel. The airport express bus from OSL to Sonsveien station is a 70-minute ride. The boat from Aker Brygge to Son can be recommended during summer.
Are there any nearby beaches?
Son Spa is located between the two most beautiful beacheas in the area, Skutebaugen beach and Son beach.
Can we bring our children to Son Spa?
We normally have limited hours (daily 09-11 hrs) for children in the swimming area of the spa. During school holidays (winter, summer and autmn, not christmas) we welcome children in the pool area daily from 09:00 to 14:00 hrs.
Is Son Spa a handicap friendly hotel?
We have a limited number of rooms especially equipped for physical handicaped people. In general the whole facility is very well suited for accommodating people with handicaps.

Do you provide alternative food for allergies?
Yes, we do. Please inform us of your allergies at time of booking. Our breakfast buffet is clearly marked in terms of allergenes.

Do you have any specific dress codes?
We do not, but we have our own spa- and fitness rules. You may very well have lunch wearing your bathrobe.

What to wear in the spa area?
Swimwear and bathrobe as well as slippers. It is fine to walk from your room to the spa area wearing bathrobe.

Do I have to bring my own bathrobe and swimwear?
You bring your own swimwear. Bathrobe and slippers will be in your room. If you forget swimwear, it can be purchased in our spa shop (at the spa reception).

How far away is Norwegian Outlet?
It is located at Vestby, a 10 minute drive from Son Spa.

How to get from Son Spa to Son town centre?
It is a 10 minute stroll along the beach or along the road to the idyllic town centre with its facilities.

Does Son Spa provide free parking?
Son Spa provides indoor parking, but not for free. Ticket machines to be found on all floors.

Do you provide charging stations for electric cars?
Yes, we have 4 stations (type 2 – cable) indoors. Cable can be borrowed at front desk. We also have 4 Tesla charges located just in front of the main entrance. Charging of electric cars is included in parking fee.
Do you have a fitness room? What are the opening hours?
Yes, we do. It is open daily 07 – 22. Swimming area is open 07 – 21 (Mon – Thu) and 07 – 23 (Sat – Sun).
Is there a nearby golf course?
Yes, there is a 9-hole course located about two kilometers away, and you will find Evje golf cours (18-hole) twenty minutes away.
Do you provide your own guest marina?
Yes – boat spots to be reserved at www.dockspot.comDo you have a separate business centre?
No, we do not. A computer (Mac) is to be found in the lobby area, and our front desk can assist in most matters.

What are the opening hours of the Spa Area?
The ground floor of the Spa, featuring pools, outdoor jacuzzi, hot tub and saunas is open 07 – 21 (Mon – Thu) and 07 – 23 (Fri – Sun). Circle of Senses, the Spa Shop and treatment area stay open 10 – 19 (Mon – Thu), 10 – 20 (Fri – Sat) and 10 – 19 (Sun).