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Yes, We Care!



  • We use sea water to heat rooms, pools and the neighbouring apartments. All other energy is renewable.
  • We serve ecological milk, bread, eggs and vegetables.
  • We purchase local food when available to a fair price.
  • Our coffee origins from fairtrade plantations.
  • All our waste is separated.
  • Smaller plates have been introduced at buffet meals. This reduces food waste.
  • We have joined a project called “Cut Food Waste 2020”. All waste is weighed in order du reduce the amount.
  • We do not serve red listed food.
  • All bathrobes are made of environmental friendly bamboo.
  • Plastic consumption has been reduced to a minimum.
  • LED lighting is installed where possible.
  • We choose environmental friendly chemicals whenever possible.
  • Suppliers undergo our requirements regarding environment and ethics.
  • Water saving showers and soap dispensers have been installed in all rooms.
  • Floor heating in bathrooms is turned off when not in use.
  • Of course we provide chargers for electric vehichles. – 16 in total.