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Privacy Policy

Son Spa will be using your personal information in different situations, for example when you book our services, stay at our hotel or make use of services delivered by us. Our privacy statement provides information about our use of your personal data. You will also find contact information if you have questions or require access to your own data. We handle our personal information according to current legislation in Norway, which also includes GDPR.


Responsible for your personal information

Our company Norwegian Hospitality Group (NHR), org. nr. 989 467 395, Strandveien 50, 1366 Lysaker, tlf. +47 67 10 20 11 is responsible for the handling of personal information in our systems for booking, invoicing and operations. NHR is also responsible regarding marketing and e-mail correspondence to our customers and contacts.

Handling of personal information connected to booking and stay

In connection to bookings made by you or by others on your behalf, we handle personal information necessary for our fulfilment of the agreement regarding booking or purchase of services. This information has been given to us either directly by you or by a travel agency or booking agent. For example we handle information about your identity, your contact information and payment details. In some cases we will also store your passport number. In addition we will be handling other information given us by you that may be relevant for your stay, e.g. allergies, special requests etc. We register all purchases and bookings made, for example spa, restaurant or room service, to allow for our correct delivery and your payment.

We handle this information only as long as necessary for the completion of the agreement, and as long as imposed by current legislation. We register and store all use of key cards at the hotel. This is to prevent criminal actions and for security reasons, hereunder fire security. Our logged information will be kept on server for 21 days.

Handling of personal information for marketing purposes

If you subscribe to one of our newsletters, we will store and use your e-mail address to send you news and great offers.

We will also be using your e-mail address or phone number to send you news and offers within the current regulations concerning existing customer relationships. This is based on Norwegian marketing legislation.

We may with your consent contact you through social media or within the frames of an existing relationship. To be able to make contact through social media, we have to share your e-mail address or phone number with this actual platform. Your consent or legitime interests allows for this.

Your consent can at any given time be withdrawn. You may also reject online marketing within your existing relationship as a customer. This is easily done with an a-mail to

Personal information for development, trouble shooting and security reasons.

We will handle data including personal information to track and correct errors, improve our services and the techology used to analyze use and consumer behaviour. Furthermore we will handle personal information to verify your identity connected to your use of all our digital services.

We anonymize data and create statistics as far as possible, however, we will also be handling personal information for development-, tracking-, statistics and security purposes.

Other handling of personal information

If you contact us with a request through customer service or in any other way, we will handle your personal information as far as necessary to answer and track your request. This is based on your legitime interests, to be able to complete our agreement with you, or to be able to give you an adequate response.

In addition to handling personal information as described in our privacy statement, we will in some cases handle personal information when imposed on us or allowed by current legislations (Personal Data Act, GDPR), governmental decisions or judges.

Sharing of personal information – handling imposed by legal decision

We will not share your personal information with third parties unless you yourself give your consent, or unless this is imposed on us or allowed by current legislation, governmental decision or decision made by a judge.

For the record we mention that our use of third party data processing not can be seen as sharing of data.

Your rights

As a person you possess several rights given you by the Norwegian Personal Data Act.

You have the right to see, correct or remove all personal information we possess about you. Furthermore you may demand limited handling, be opposed to our handling or demand data portability.

To make use of your own rights, please visit the following site: We will respond to your request as soon as possible, at the latest within 30 days.

We will request you to reconfirm your identity or ask you to provide further information prior to allowing you to make use of your rights in these regards. This is crucial to ensure that we allow for access to your personal data only to you – and never to anyone posing as you.



We are part of Nordic Choice Hotels, and the chain has a special Data Protection Officer. The Data Protection Officer is responsible for all NCH companies and for all personal data we process in the countries in which we are established.

The Data Protection Officer is our contact point with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Our Data Protection Officer gives Nordic Choice Hotels, our data processors and our employees advice and guidance on the processing of personal data and the rules which govern this. The Data Protection Officer’s work is to monitor our compliance with the personal data rules and our internal guidelines.

The Data Protection Officer may also help you to assert your rights in respect of us, or help you get answers to questions about your personal data held by us.

You can contact our Data Protection Officer at

If you feel that our processing of personal data does not match what we have described here or otherwise breaches the personal data legislation, you may, as an alternative, complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority or the supervisory authority in the country in which you are staying at a hotel. You will find information about contacting the Data Protection Authority on the Authority’s website


We use information capsules (cookies) to improve user experience of our website.

A cookie is a small text-based datafile stored in your equipment (your smartphone, computer or, for example, a tablet). Cookies help to recognise what type of content and which pages are visited on our website. Information stored by means of a cookie may include how you use the website, what type of browser you use and which pages you have visited.

A permanent cookie remains on your equipment for a defined period of time. A session cookie is stored temporarily on your equipment memory while you are visiting our website. The session cookie disappears when you close your browser. We use both permanent and session cookies. Nordic Choice may also use third-party cookies.

If you do not wish our website to store cookies on your equipment, you can turn off the use of cookies in your web browser. If you turn off cookies, the functionality of the website will be reduced.


Personalize your stay with us

Son Spa wishes to offer our customers the best possible stay based on each guest’s preferences and history.

Based on your legitime interests we will use information you have shared with us for rooms (e.g. “sea facing” or “quiet room”) and information about previous purchases (“sparkling” instead of “still” water) to be able to offer you a tailor made stay with us.

Our information is collected based on previous purchases and requests to our employees.

Additionally we will sometimes collect information about you from open sources like internet and social media. This will be limited to information relevant for offering a personalized stay, and based on legitime interests. The information will never be surrendered to third parties.

You may reject our using your information to personalize your stay. Feel free to do this by sending an e-mail to

Endringer i personvernerklæring eller i behandling

We are continually working to develop and improve our services for our customers. This may change the method or extent of our processing of personal data. Information we provide in this personal data declaration will thus be adapted and updated at regular intervals. We will also change the Data Protection Declaration when new rules or official practice makes this necessary.