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Spa & Fitness

Our objective is that you relax and collect new energy in our 2000 sqm spa area. The ground floor is a pool area with swimming pool, hot tub, saunas and jacuzzi (inside and outdoors). The Spa VIP area, Circle of Senses, is situated on the 1st floor.

The spa area has a 16 years age limit. Swimwear is mandatory.

2000 sqm, two floors – Large pool – Sauna – Cold and hot tubs – Outdoor jacuzzi – Circle of Senses

If you have been in the outdoor jacuzzi at Son Spa, you will not forget it. The atmosphere and the view of the fjord are quite unique. You can swim inside the pool while taking in the quiet boat life outside. We are known for being one of Norway’s best spa hotels with a two-storey large spa area and highly skilled therapists.


Mon – Sun: 06:00-22:00


Spa 1st floor 
Mon – thu: 07:00-21:00
Fri – sun: 07:00-23:00

(16 years age limit)

Circle of Senses / Spa Shop
Mon – thu: 10:00-19:00
Fri – sat: 10:00-20:00
Sun: 10:00-19:00