Lunch menu

We welcome you to enjoy a delicous lunch at Son Spa. Normally served from 12:00 to 18:00.
Choice between buffet lunch and à la carte.



Caesar salad

Romano salad, sliced chicken breast, bacon, parmesan and caesar sauce

NOK 205,-

Chef’s Hamburger

200 g minced beef, cheddar cheese, brioche, onion chutney, salad, tomato, french fries and chipotle dip

NOK 220,-

Classical shrimp sandwich

with egg, mayonnaise and lemon slice

NOK 210,-

Greek Salad

Tomato, red onion, feta cheese, olives and tzatziki

NOK 195,-

Bookmaker’s toast

Entrecôte, egg yolk, horseradish

NOK 215,-

Club sandwich

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, guacamole and mayonnaise

NOK 195,-

Creamy fish and shellfish soup

With today’s catch of fresh fish, shrimps, mussels and crisp vegetables

NOK 295,-

Moules aux frites

With aioli and fresh white bread

NOK 245,-

Lunch buffet

(Mon – Fri 11.30-14.00 / Sat 12.00-14.00 )

NOK 345,-


For children


Chicken with french fries

NOK 145,-

Spaghetti bolognese

NOK 145,-