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Amazing Race

NOK 535,-/person

In idyllic Son we have the pleasure of offering our own edition of the Amazing Race. A fun, challenging and stimulating activity from start to finish. Participants get “riddles” that they need to solve to find out where to go. If they resolve the task, they will find a selected place in Son. There they must perform a physical or theoretical task. If they pass the test it will trigger a new task. The assignments are designed to give the group an insight into the history of Son and Son while the participants strengthen the group spirit through collaborative tasks. The tasks are seemingly difficult, but all aid and support  is allowed. Use of Google or asking the locals may be good tips. The tasks are adapted to age, physical form and activity requirements of the group. The team with the best end time wins!

Duration: 1 1/2 hours
Participants: 10-70 persons