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Green Hat People

From NOK 350,-/person

Green Hat Challenge


An eventful, fun team building activity. This team challenge is energetic and varied as you move around the area to solve missions on a tablet in an interactive competition. Challenges can range from factual questions, puzzles, and photo assignments to something to find or do in the area.

Location: In- and outdoors
Duration: 90 – 120 minutes
Participants: From 20 persons upwards
Rate: From NOK 590,- + mva. per person (min. NOK 12.000,-)


Dinner Game


Usually performed in connection with dinners where each group receives a tablet filled with questions. You compete in two time limited rounds where the groups try to answer as many questions as possible in an interactive quiz.

Location: Indoors
Duration: 2 x 12 minutes
Participants: From 30 persons upwards
Rate: NOK 350,- + vat. per person (min. NOK 12.000,-)

Code Break


30 codes are hidden nearby. Find them and use each code to unlock new missions via the tablet! Code Break is an action-packed activity where you get to work in teams and use interpersonal skills under time pressure. All eyes are needed to find as many codes as possible.

Sted: In- and outdoors
Duration: 45 minutes
Participants: min. 20 persons
Rate: NOK 450,- + vat. per person (min. NOK10.000,-)

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