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Destinasjon Son

Do not miss Son, the coastal pearl!


Son is both a coastal pearl and an artist town. A place for you if you love sailing, beaches, sand, cliffs, sea food, dock life, galleries, cafés, water activites and golf. Many people are stunned when they discover that you can stroll along the water into the village centre in a few minutes. What beautiful minutes!

The village of Son features a rich variety of shops, restaurant and coastal culture. Son is a historical harbour by the Oslo fjord, between Hvitsten and Moss. It was used as harbour for Christiania (Oslo) when the inner parts of the Oslo fjord were frozen. On old Dutch maritime maps the Oslo fjord is called “Zoon Water”. Son is especially known for its architecture with small, white, wooden houses and small alleys – an architecture normally associated with southwestern Norwegian towns.

Son became a town of artists early in the 20th century. Still it creates a home for a rich selection of authors, painters and all kinds of other artist. You will find several cozy galleries, as well as a coastal culture centre and Son Museum Harbour. About 5000 people call Son home nowadays.

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