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RIB boat ride

From NOK 1000,-/person

The conference you’ll never forget – or the family trip you have dreamed of? A boat trip with a RIB gives you a truly unique, unforgettable experience. This will be a fast-paced trip on the Oslo Fjord where we play in the waves, hear exciting local history and enjoy a delicious break.


Tour 1: RIB Safari in the archipelago outside of Son
We guide you and provide a refreshing trip in the area around Son. The trip is planned to fit the weather. A stop at the beach with good drinks and snacks is recommended.


Tour 2: Lunch on an island
We pack the crates with food and drinks from the kitchen and set off to sea.  The island must be chosen to fit the wheather,  but we find a warm and suitable location. This tour will leave you with salted hairdo, local stories and a nice meal.


Tour 3: Rhododendron on Risholmen
Outside Engelsviken lies a small island where we visit Norway’s largest collection of Rhododendron. Botanist Heddy Astrup collected over 200 different species of this plant, currently managed by Hans Rasmus Astrup. We spend almost an hour walking in the four garden areas. The experience is amazing. Even macho men must admit that this is beautiful. Peak season from mid-May to mid-June. Our cooler will of course be filled with good drinks and snacks on request.

Tour 4: Oscarsborg fortress with history and pub visit
We head north to the Oscarsborg fortress by Drøbak and take a walk through the exciting history of the 1940s before stopping at the the local pub for ice cold refreshments.


Duration: varies, adjustable

Participants: 6-100

Rates: From NOK 12.000,-/on request